Site owned by Winterhill (Romania) SRL

Site owned by Winterhill (Romania) SRL

Site owned by Winterhill (Romania) SRL

SERVICES - Winterhill offers a full range offers professional valuation and advisory services for all sectors of the Real Estate Industry, Plant & Machinery as well as Complex Industrial and mixed use property.

Exceptional quality professional advice is provided by our highly-qualified team including Chartered Surveyors with over 20 years experience and senior valuers internationally and locally licensed.

INDEPENDENT PROFESSIONAL STATUS - We appreciate our independent professional status that gives us the possibility to provide flexible and individually customized approach to each and every instruction.

Meeting and exceeding Clients’ expectations in terms of quality of work and professionalism is our motivation, it is what we care about.

TIME IS OF THE ESSENCE - Above all, Winterhill is a time efficient consultant: it is the Client’s time, after all. Therefore we are carefully planning the whole process, making sure that timescales match the Client’s objectives as close as possible and acting pro-actively in order to execute the instruction in the most efficient manner.

POST DELIVERY SERVICES - We do not hesitate to go for the extra mile adding value to our work by providing unconditioned post delivery services to our clients, even after the instruction has been concluded.

HOW & WHY WE ARE DIFFERENT - We at Winterhill work hard to build Clients’ trust and respect. We have built long term relationship with most our clients. We’ve worked with them in the past, we work with them today and they are delighted to work with us again in the future. This speaks for itself and represents a solid proof of the job well done.

We will always act in Clients’ best interest, protecting them from under or overstatements that could jeopardize their objectives.

We are proactive, understand the market and tailor our services to Clients’ specific case.

COMPETITIVE FEES - Our set of fees is highly competitive, and flexible, offering cost savings and a motivating quality/price incentive, always commensurate with the expertise provided.


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